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  • Steve Padgett

    Steve Padgett

    Dealer Principal

    Steve Padgett's Honda of Lake Murray

    "As car dealers, we can sometimes begin relationships with vendors based on the "wow" factor of what we believe their product can yield our dealerships. Often, these relationships fall short of expectations because the product does not deliver as promised and the company overpromises and underdelivers when it comes to customer service and overall responsiveness.

    This has certainly not been the case with the team at RunMyLease. Not only has the "Unlock Price" product yielded the highest closing percentages of all of our lead sources, the customer service has been phenomenal. Simple tool, exceptional results and service."

  • Gabe Faria

    Gabe Faria

    Managing Partner

    Keffer Hyundai

    "The "Unlock Price" product is absolutely perfect for many reasons: It's not a lead provider, it is a website conversion tool that allows you to grab real customer info through the 2-step verification and also allows you to have great pricing that is not easily shopped by your competition.

    We are converting 20% more of our VDP’s into a lead form submission since we have turned the product on and I would recommend it to anyone interested in getting more leads out of their site traffic."

  • Herb Anderson

    Herb Anderson

    Director of Marketing

    Stephen Wade Auto Center

    "Taking control of your inventory is the future of advertising in the retail side of the car business. In the digital age that we live in, you control the message, the distribution, and the overall experience you want buyers to have. RunMyLease understands this and offers dealerships the opportunity to capitalize on the traffic they are generating by giving buyers a reason WHY they should share their information, which in turn, allows the dealer to connect with more buyers!

    Getting leads does not have to be a thing of the past and it certainly does not have to cost a lot of money, it just has to make sense."

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